Work Experience

Lead Software Engineer

Ignite Travel // Broadbeach, QLD
July 2015 – March 2016

PHP, Wordpress, MySQL, HTML, CSS, SaSS, git

  • Managed custom multi-site Wordpress solution for 11 travel brands
  • Extended and created custom modules and plugins including an object oriented custom type framework to ease the use of custom post types.
  • Initiated continuous integration by creating custom bitbucket webhook suite
  • Designed wireframes and implementations for additional company websites tying into custom and third party APIs

Senior Software Engineer

Julep // Seattle, WA
November 2014 – March 2015

PHP, Magento, Symfony Components, MySQL, HTML, CSS, SaSS, Java, Selenium, git

  • Created and extended Selenium suite for multi-browser automated testing with Saucelabs
  • Planned and documented new projects for the Web Team
  • Upgraded sitewide integration of Facebook from v1 to v2.3
  • Built custom Magento plugins for extending marketing requirements

Contracted Senior Software Engineer

Garrigan Lyman Group // Seattle, WA
April 2014 – October 2014

PHP, Drupal, Doctrine, Symfony Components, MySQL, HTML, CSS, SaSS, SVN

  • Created ground-up conversion of site from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7
  • Acted as primary technical contact for any Drupal needs
  • Envisioned and implemented a database controlled ruleset and dynamic variables for matching tires to a vehicle database that could be manipulated in the future
  • Designed a universal Vagrant box to host local PHP development for all developers
  • Estimated timelines and suggested alternative time saving development solutions

Senior Technical Lead

Smashing Ideas // Seattle, WA
June 2013 – March 2014

PHP, Drupal, MySQL, CSS, Technical Writing, Training, Team Management

  • Managed team of developers and QA and acted as technical reference for the team
  • Communicated technical issues with Sony Pictures Television staff members in Los Angeles
  • Revised new feature process for documentation and tracking utilizing Functional Specs, Technical Requirements, and refined JIRA workflow
  • Developed new features, repaired bugs and determined next steps and estimates for a platform with hundreds of media rich sites from a single Drupal 7 codebase

Senior Software Engineer // Glendale, AZ
August 2012 – June 2013

PHP, Drupal, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Technical Writing, Training

  • Wrote detailed content management documentation for multiple stakeholder groups
  • Trained beginning to advanced users on managing a highly permissioned multi-site Drupal 7 instance with workflow for all content
  • Defined project requirements for development of modules and site functionality
  • Created project plans for additional features and sites in conjunction with multiple departments

Senior Technical Consultant

Kineo Inc. // Phoenix, AZ
August 2011 – March 2012

PHP, moodle, totara, PostgreSQL, Git, trac

  • Released the largest open source implementation of a learning management system with over 160,000 users
  • Managed team of eight developers worldwide while acting as Release Manager numerous large work packages for git integration
  • Produced an automated nightly sync to import full PeopleSoft data into the totara system that completes in less than 20 minutes versus 4 days for the original contributed module

PHP Developer

Myriad Interactive // Phoenix, AZ
November 2008 – August 2011

PHP, Zend, Drupal, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, SVN

  • Implemented complex dynamic Drupal sites for ASU and others (,,,,
  • Developed many large corporate sites using Zend (,,,,
  • Integrated OpenCart, Magento, and Wordpress into many existing sites.

Software Engineer

isocurve inc. // New York, NY
October 2006 – March 2008

PHP, Perl, CakePHP, Drupal, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, SVN

  • Utilized CakePHP framework to develop an internal project management system and miscellaneous small site applications
  • Managed multiple shared hosting accounts including e-mails, configurations, and databases
  • Designed data schemas for small to large projects including a data solution for GE Real Estate multi-national website.

Contracted Engineer

Multiple // Multiple
June 1998 – August 2011

PHP, Symfony, Zend, Drupal, WordPress, Perl, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, MySQL